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    At Accelerate Medical, we address the root cause of the pain through our all-encompassing approach. We focus on the source of pain and don’t just cover it up with medication. By treating the patient as a whole and focusing on the cause instead of the symptom, we can create healing in the body and promote lasting change.

    Our main priority is to get you back to pursuing your life. Our team is comprised of a wide range of specialists who are all at the top of their respective fields. All our procedures are minimally invasive, with little recovery time needed to heal from the procedure.

    Pain Treatment Services

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    Accelerate of Wisconsin is taking steps to protect our patients and staff during these unprecedented times. We value your safety with the utmost concern.

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    Click below for the insurance list of networks we are contracted with and not contracted with as of January 1, 2019.

    About Us

    The goal of the our pain treatment team is to help our patients live their healthiest lives possible by easing pain symptoms and restoring function and movement. Our pain management physicians are anesthesiologists, interventional radiologists, and physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists.

    Together, they form the “backbone” of our non-operative spine-care team. The team uses state-of-the-art techniques – including medication and innovative procedures – to help ease pain symptoms caused by a number of different conditions. A wide range of precision diagnostic tools, advanced procedures, and innovative therapies are used to design treatment plans that are customized to our patients’ specific needs.

    Testimonials From Past and Present Customers

    “After working with Accelerate, I feel so much better! Accelerate impressed me on multiple levels. Keep up the excellent work. Man, you guys are getting better and better each time.”

    “I would also like to say thank you to all your staff. I don’t always clop, but when I do, it’s because of Accelerate.”

    “It really saved me time and health. Accelerate is exactly what I have been lacking. Accelerate did exactly what they said they do.”

    “We can’t understand how we’ve been living without Accelerate. You’ve saved my life! I have gotten at least 500 times the value from Accelerate. Big thank you to your staff!”

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